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onTarget is one of the leading scheduling platforms for the contruction industry. It combines the power of data visualization and AI-based predictive analytics to enable proactive decision making thereby mitigating the risk of delay. When onTarget first approached us about this project they had just recently had their app pulled off Apple's App Store. I worked with two other UX designers over a 3 week period to find where and how onTarget could improve their overall experience and get them back on the App Store.

My Role

UX Designer, Project Manager

Time Frame

3 Weeks


Screeners, Surveys, User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Personas, Storyboarding, Heuristic Analysis, Hand Sketching, Wireframing (Sketch App), Prototyping (InVision), A/B Testing, Usability Testing

onTarget Prototype ImageonTarget Prototype Image
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My team began by taking a look at the overall landscape of scheduling/project management programs focused on the construction industry. We did a competitive analysis to see what other companies were offering both overall and in their iOS apps. We moved on to user surveys and chose users for user interviews to find out more about job related behaviors, experiences and pain points. This woud help us identify any patterns and common themes, helping us to further identify the most importan features, and the situation in which they would be used. Beyond people that generally worked in the construction industry we also chose to survey and interview current onTarget users to find out about their experiences with the app. After synthesizing the data we created three personas (the field worker, the general contractor and the project manager) to guide us duirng the interface design and prototyping phase. We also performed a heuristic analysis with the same companies from the competitive analysis and went on to do a feature analysis before beginning sketching and prototyping.

Findings & Solutions


Based on our research we chose to focus on the field worker persona because we felt that persona could benefit the most from the app redesign. We chose to focus our designs on simplifying and streamlining the home screen and task creation so that there would be less of a learning curve for field workers who have many other responsibilities and safety concerns that come before using an app. Besides making sure that the app adhered better to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines we made sure to address the four points below.

  1. Field users need an easy way to communicate
  2. Users need to be able to update progress from the field
  3. Users should be able to make comments or upload images
  4. Should still get all features of existing onTarget app but the user flow should be focused on tasks and communication
onTarget App Map SpaceronTarget App Map Spacer

Interface Design

My team began with hand sketches and then translated those sketches into high fidelity wireframes. Those wireframes were used to created an InVision prototype. Based on user testing with the prototype, done both in person and via UserTesting.com, we iterated on our original designs.